To support you and your family during the Covid-19 pandemic we’re giving access to our wellness portal for free. Simply register below to recieve access. Your wellbeing is paramount and we are here to help.

We are also doing everything we can to provide updates on how Covid-19 may affect you in everyday life. Both the Government and the NHS have FAQ pages which offer guidance and support.

We hope you find the content on the Holler it wellness portal useful and supportive. Stay safe and remember to ask for help if you need it.


We’re a wellness provider looking at wellness provision from a new perspective. By breaking down barriers around access to help and advice, we’re enabling businesses to provide in-the-moment wellbeing support to customers as part of their membership benefits package.

We believe that immediate help for anyone struggling to cope with stress and anxiety is vital. And driven by our commitment to clinical and corporate excellence, we base each piece of support we deliver on the understanding that every individual is unique, and every organisation is different.

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Society at large is seeing an increasing demand for accessible information around wellness and self-care.

The mental health of the nation is under the spotlight more than ever before and there’s a recognised lack of service availability in this arena. We’re helping to fill that gap with our online provision, wellbeing portal and person-to-person interaction that’s needed by so many.


Partner with us

Partnering with Holler it is a cost-effective way for you to offer your customers easy access to immediate professional support to ensure help when it’s needed and promote you as a force for good in the wellness and mental health arena.

Supporting you

With us you can respond to customers’ needs, improve mental wellbeing and generate the feel-good factor that all business strives for.

Branded for you

At a low cost to your business, and white labelled to your brand, a Holler it package means your customers benefit from a 24/7 helpline, up to six sessions of telephone, face to face or online counselling alongside a host of other benefits.


Holler it is an invaluable resource, offering confidential wellness provision 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, it enables access to a range of counselling, legal and other professional services. Here’s a snapshot of what we can deliver through you for your customers.

Online wellbeing portal & app
Family care advice
Online counsellor chat
24/7 telephone counselling
Legal & financial information
Debt & counselling information
Website with articles on health & wellbeing
Electronic communication toolkit
Specialist advice
Every day matters time management
Support in a number of languages
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